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Fire Emblem family tree- guess the person- Round 3 by SharottoDarkheart Fire Emblem family tree- guess the person- Round 3 :iconsharottodarkheart:SharottoDarkheart 1 256 Robin Character Creator- Coming soon... by SharottoDarkheart Robin Character Creator- Coming soon... :iconsharottodarkheart:SharottoDarkheart 2 0
Chapter 10: Back to the library
 Dragging the horns across the bridge did not go unnoticed. Especially with the fact that they were easily the same size as her. The yuke scholar and selkie treasure hunter stared at her, mouths open wide as she passed them both. Though she would love to have had a brief moment to explain the situation, her time was running out. It would have to be a story for another day.
 Meeth continued to drag the horns through town. She was too exhausted to carry them now. Upon arriving at the foot of the first stair case, she sighed heavily. She knew she’d have to carry them up the stairs. “Nearly there.” She muttered to herself in hopes to egg herself on. It took about ten minutes for her to climb to the top of the stairs with the horns. And she knew all too well her trouble didn’t end there.
 In the town square, she returned to dragging the horns briefly. The young clavat girl and green haired selkie watched with amazement as she continued to walk. The fur
:iconsharottodarkheart:SharottoDarkheart 1 4
Tea-Fighter by SharottoDarkheart Tea-Fighter :iconsharottodarkheart:SharottoDarkheart 1 3
Chapter 09: The buffasaur
 Walking through the gates, Meeth had no idea what to expect. She had faced so many creatures up till now. But clearly, whatever the creature was, it was more powerful than all the rest. But Meeth didn’t have time to be scared. She had to make sure to do whatever it took to ensure Eryll would be ok, even if that meant her life was on the line.
 As soon as she entered into the next area, a tall, black creature stood, towering over her. It glared at her with utter hatred as steam blew out of it’s nose. It then began to drag one of it’s feet in the dirt, as if it was about to charge at her. It let out a mighty roar, slamming it’s harmer into the ground.
 The roar had somehow cast some sort of shield around it, protecting it from any and all damage. Or at least that’s what Meeth assumed.
 The creature began to lung towards her, she just barely dived out of the way as it’s hammer came crashing down, cracking the earth. Meeth stared in
:iconsharottodarkheart:SharottoDarkheart 0 0
Zelda character creator- Hyrule Link WIP V.2.9. by SharottoDarkheart Zelda character creator- Hyrule Link WIP V.2.9. :iconsharottodarkheart:SharottoDarkheart 31 80
Chapter 08: Cleaning the aqueducts
 The greenish water flowed by calmly, as the lone lilty woman pushed the gate open and walked along the stone path. As Meeth looked around, she could see nothing. It was only as she drew closer to the water, that a strange creature appeared. It bobbled up and down as it cast its spells, causing Meeth to whince in pain. She had to jab the creature several times before it yield to her blade. When the creature was defeated, she continued to walk along the path, only to be attack by a couple of mu. Meeth sighed to herself “Today’s going to be a long day.”
 As Meeth drew closer to the creatures, one of them got the drop on her and stunned her. She was left paralysed just long enough for the pair to give her a good nip. But as soon as she was able to move, she sliced at the creatures, and they soon fell to her blade also.
 On the other end of the room, was a sign placed next to a huge stone block. Clearly the block was there to prevent anyone from entering, b
:iconsharottodarkheart:SharottoDarkheart 0 0
Chapter 07: The search continues
 Upon exiting the library, Meeth was stumped on who to ask for help. She looked around the town, and decided to walk down the steps towards the empty bench. She sat down and pulled out her little green book and pen. She paused for a moment and studied the pages she’d written so far, she then turned to the third page and began writing, ‘I met a man called Larkeicus in the library. He says he’ll make the medicine for me. But I have to find a Buffasaur horn. Buffasaurs are magical beasts that live near water.’ She looked back at the page, her story was really coming along, it was such an amazing feeling to know that maybe one day someone would stumble upon her journal and discover the adventures she had been on. Satisfied with what was written so far, she closed her book once again and put it away. After all, she still had to find the location of the creature.
 Now standing up, Meeth looked around the town square, somewhere, one of these people might be a
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Chapter 06: The library
 The large doors opened with ease. A huge marble hallway lay in front of her, the room had blue flags with golden marking dangling down on either side of the walls. As she looked around the room, huge book shelves lay on either side. Row after row with billions of tomes, each shelf exploding with hundreds of different volumes varying in size. There were so many books that some of them had been stacked in piles instead. It was breath taking.
 Meeth inhaled the dusty smell of old tomes and novels, it was a comforting feeling for her. A part of her wanted to run around the whole of the library, and try to read every single one of these different tales. However, for the time being there were more important things to think about.
 On the other side of the library stood an elderly man, he wore a coffee brown pork pie hat with a golden strip around the rim. He also wore a striped cream shirt, with golden bands on either side, causing the top of his sleeves to puff out. Over his
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Conner Leafington by SharottoDarkheart Conner Leafington :iconsharottodarkheart:SharottoDarkheart 1 0 Branwell Leafington by SharottoDarkheart Branwell Leafington :iconsharottodarkheart:SharottoDarkheart 1 0 Alysia Leaf/Leafington by SharottoDarkheart Alysia Leaf/Leafington :iconsharottodarkheart:SharottoDarkheart 2 0
Chapter 05:The first few steps into a giant world
 The outside world was far larger than she had ever imagined. Nevertheless she had to get the medicine for Eryll, so there was no turning back now. As he looked around her, she suddenly felt so small in comparison to the world around her. She feared that no matter how hard she tried, she would never find the medicine needed for Eryll. Heck, she didn't even really no what she was looking for.
 She shook her head, now was not the time to start panicking. Instead, she decided to try and the find the road that Norschtalen had told her about. Which was proving rather difficult given how large the world was. She ended up walking round the rim of the woods, when she followed the woods North West, it led her to an older more scary looking forest. It gave her a creepy feeling, so decided to head South East. As she went further, she came across large boulders, they made it difficult to go any further.
 Meeth was lost. She had no idea where she was going. In her despair, she decide
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Ama' Lea by SharottoDarkheart Ama' Lea :iconsharottodarkheart:SharottoDarkheart 13 14 Soren by SharottoDarkheart Soren :iconsharottodarkheart:SharottoDarkheart 8 11
Chapter 04: Crystal sickness
 The wooden door to the hut creaked opened. From the dim lighting inside, Sherlotta’s face appeared, she walked out the door, her face grim. The villagers who had been talking amongst themselves all turned to look at her as she walked into the crowd. It was the yuke child who was first to talk, she walked over to Sherlotta before she asked the question on everyone’s mind. “Sherlotta! Is Eryll all right? Is she okay?”
 Sherlotta nodded, “She’s feeling a lot better now. Lian and Ilina are looking after her.” She said before crossing her arms over her chest in attempt to hide her sadness.
 It was the older yuke who spoke up next, “But this sickness. Can it be…?”
 Sherlotta was solemn “There’s no doubt about it. She’s caught the crystal sickness.”
 Toumli’s eyes were filled with tears. “B-but how could that be? Why Eryll? And why now…?” she whimpered. It was
:iconsharottodarkheart:SharottoDarkheart 0 0
I figured by the end of the month I would be able to start updating some of the projects I've been working on... Unfortunately I lost another bloody memory stick... Which means all the artwork I was planning to add into the latest version of the stuff has all been lost... Maybe if I'm super lucky I will find it at college on Monday... But honestly, knowing me I won't find it...

 I don't know why I bother doing anything anymore, because all I end up doing is giving people hope, then just when I think I can actually share all that hard work, I end up loosing it all again...

 I'm sorry for being so useless and pointless... I'm sorry I can never seem to finish anything... I'm sorry for wasting everyone's time with my pathetic existence...


World Of Grecia style (£7 via paypal)
This is my own personal style, there for it is far more expensive then the others... I put a lot of effort into getting them perfect, so please keep that in mind...
Crystal Chronicles chibi and portrait (£7 via paypal)
5 portraits and a chibi to go with!!!
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles chibis (£3 via paypal)
 Have your very own Crystal Chronicles chibi made in the style of the original chibi artwork! Choose from the four main races, or even have a mixed breed: Clavat, Lilty, Selkie and Yuke. You also have a choice of different ages and gender! The ages being: Baby, child, preteen, teenager and adult.

I require some pictures and description of how you want you character(s) to look!
Other chibis (£5 via paypal)
All the chibis found here are the more complicated kind of chibis. They require more work and a longer amount of time to get finished, therefore they are more expensive. Please keep that in mind.

They also get a special progress sheet, to show you the updates and the struggles I've gone through.


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I do Commissions (Requests are friends only now)

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Completed: 37 for 26 people

Waiting list: ?

01) You must explain what you want and stuff.
02) Give me a name to call it (or if you don't I'll give it a name)
03) If you wish for me to make more than one thing then I will but post one at a time.

What I do:
Mugshots, sprites, emotion sheets, full bodies, information sheets, backgrounds and drawings of people, animals or buildings, bloody scenes.
I MAY do more mature things, such as pornographic artwork, though the price will be higher.

To see the others I've made simply look at this: sharottodarkheart.deviantart.c…
Where to pay: On my donate thing... Or via paypal


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